Saturday, March 20, 2010

Part of Life

After PMR......
Art Stream or Science Stream??

After SPM......
Which college?? What course?? Foundation, A-Level or Diploma??

After Diploma......
Advanced Diploma, Degree or ICSA??
Which college or university??

This is part of life......

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Genting Trip

3 Feb - 4Feb
2 days 1 night Genting Trip with dear, Kah Koon and Sonia. We went there separately. Dear and I depart from Pudu at 12pm, while two of them depart from 1U and reached Genting at 3pm. While waiting for KK and Sonia, we had our lunch at Marry Brown and jalan-jalan with our bags and some snacks. Check-in at First World Hotel at 3pm and we had a rest until 5pm. Dear and I went to snow world, we were the first to enter snow world, then more and more people coming in. Very very cold, having ice-cream somemore..hahahaha!!

Dear was interested in 'Believe it or not', so we went in and have a look before our movie started. Have you seen Washington's hair? I have seen it, but don't know it was true or not. May be they took some animal's hair and display it. Who knows?? Hahahahaha!! We met KK and Sonia outside the cinema at 7pm. We watched 'The Spy Next Door'. Very very very funny!!! After that we went to da gei cheong and play bowling. I like the environment in bowling centre, dark and noisy, plus the shining shoes and bowling..Wow!!

Dear entered casino and walked around, since this was the first time he stepped into casino. Pity me, i can't go in! wuwuwuwuwu~~ Back to hotel at 11 something, something funny happened when i was bathing, stupid la Kum Ying!!

The second day - 9am makan buffet with dear, then back to our room to pack our things ready to check-out. So fast going back?? Of course not, we kept our things in lockers and then headed to theme park, played from A to T. The first game already causes my whole body wet, ish ish!! I was tired because i couldn't sleep well last night. After having our lunch in Old Town, it was raining, luckily the rain stopped very fast.

We went back at 5 something, we took skyway. Sitting in the cable car like sitting in the sky..hahahaha!! I'm not scared, but the one sitting beside me takut sangat..Dear and I went back to Pudu by bus. 欢乐的时光过得特别快,又是时候说拜拜~

Sem break

28 Jan 2010 - Went to Time Square with dear. We met at 10.30am, then line up to buy movie ticket. After that having breakfast at Wendy's. We watched Universal Soldier at 12pm, not really nice, damn boring..PUIK!! We bought another movie ticket, Black Ransom, this movie not bad o!! Movie finished at 3 something, still have some time, we go jalan-jalan and i bought some clothes. Nothing special for that day, but i'm happy to hang out with him. =)

30 Jan 2010 - Mid Valley and Siew Ying's 21st birthday party.
Early in the morning, dear called me, asked me whether want to go to Mid Valley or not. My answer of course YES la..He took lrt to Sri Petaling station then i picked him up and went to Mid Valley together. This was the first time he stepped into Mid Valley and The Garden. Nice? Huge? hahaha!!

We decided to sing k at Redbox, 3 hours from 11am to 2pm, RM22++ per head. Damn expensive! After k time we headed back to Mid Valley's GSC. Even though The Garden has cinema too, but we rather fly back to Mid Valley because we are facing liquidity problem. hahahhaha!! There was a long queue, we waited for 30 minutes. We watched 'Legion', dear said this movie not bad worr..

At 6 something, i drove back to Sri Petaling lrt station because Kah Koon's wanted me to direct him to Siew Ying's house. We stopped at lrt station for more than half an hour to wait for our dai siu jie Yoke Ling. Actually Siew Ying's birthday is on 26th, but she celebrated on 30th. What impressed me the most was the birthday cake, a key shape, very nice! DBU gang was very quiet on that day, different from the DBU gang in college.

At 11 something, most people were going back. I led Kah Koon back to Sri Petaling before i went home with my neighbour.

Hardest paper

25 Jan 2010 was my last paper, OMS. Everyone thought that this paper was quite easy, because we had given a lot of tips. However, everything turned bad when i was revising. I studied chapter by chapter, whenever i start the next chapter, i forgot everything i studied for the previous chapter. I forced myself to remember, but that's as difficult as catching the moon..SHIT!

When the day comes, that was the last paper for my course, i tried to be calm and relax. At the moment i read my question paper, my god! I know i'm dying. They're out of my expected! For the case study, i don't even know what was it trying to ask for, i simply wrote something so that i can get some 'lucky' marks. For the essay questions, many of the answers were just guessing, whether accurate or not depends on my luck. I don't hope for getting A, at least give me a pass or a better grade..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010





Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Holic Fiesta

One of the schools(not sure which school) in TARC organized a carnival in front of the clubhouse, the theme is Christmas Holic Fiesta. This activity was hold for 2 days, 22/12 (Tuesday) - 23/12 (Wednesday). Most of them were selling foods, souvenirs and of course got games la..Because my dear's band was invited to perform their song which they performed during mini unplugged, so i went to the spot to support him. There were another 5 bands performing too..Before the performance started, i jalan-jalan with Yoke Ling..

After his performance, we walked around and looked for food. I saw a friend selling burger and some other foods there, so as a friend i have no choice, being force to 'bong chan'. hahahha!! Then he bought Tortilla for me, my first try..The happiest thing was that he bought a gift to me, as my Christmas gift? I don't know..hehehe...I will consider this day as our Christmas celebration because he goes back to hometown on Christmas eve.. T.T Oh ya, i played a game..Don't know what is the name of the game. =.= The poker cards were arranged on a table, i was given 30 seconds to memorize the positions of the cards, then they will close all the cards. After that, i have to open two cards with same number and same colour, quite challenging la!! i just managed to open 2-3 pairs of cards, i lose! T.T

The overall activities are okay, just the weather was terrible..WINDY, SUNNY, HOT!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mini Unplugged 5

Mini Unplugged is a band competition organized by Music Club. My dear and Zhi Jie participated..The competition was held in Dreamz Cafe located at Wangsa Maju. Early in the morning, around 8am, i drove to Genting Kelang to pick up my dear as i promised to fetch him. We reached there around 9.30am.

This is the first time i watch this kind of competition. After registered, i found a nice seat, not really nice, because many heads obstructed me. Hahaha!! So sad i can't sit with my dear because the participants have to sit another side. At first i feel very bored because i do not know anyone there, luckily he came and find me once in a while.

The competition started at 10 something after the MC talked a lot of rubbish...14 groups are selected to the final. My dear is team 4, team's name is Formula 4, i was so nervous when he was performing. He is the vocalist and guitarist. He choses his favourite song, I don't wanna miss a thing. At the beginning, his teammates made some mistakes but everything was alright after that. He told me that his mouth hit the mike at least 3 times, and his voice was not in a good condition because he trained until his voice become a bit hoarse before the competition. That's why i'm so worry about him. When the audiences screamed when he sang until the part that he needs to shout, i'm a bit relax because their screams mean that he sings very well.

During lunch time, Zhi Jie was so excited, he solo! Then followed by my dear, thanks for singing that song to me...hehehe...We had game session while waiting for the results, the game is also related to music. First game, a song is playing and it will stop after a few seconds, we have to sing the next sentence of the song. Second game, an Indian guy was asked to sing Chinese songs, we have to guess what song it is. Damn funny when the Indian guy sings Chinese songs. Some VIPs were invited to show their talent as well, especially one of the judges, Brian, was so popular as his name was mentioned from time to time.

Waktu yang dinanti-nantikan...All the participants looked very nervous during the announcement of results. My dear was the best male vocalist! Wow~! Congratulation!!!!! Unfortunately, his team is not the champion. The champion falls under a group which the singer is only moderate, i just know she was very high on the stage and shout non-stop. Ish ish.....NOT FAIR NOT FAIR!!! Anyway, it is just a competition, you have tried your best, don't give up ya~! Same to Zhi Jie, gambateh if next time you have chance to participate again...
Let's enjoy the videos below....(Sorry their voice are not so clear because of the noise and my hands are shaking)